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Star Energy has partnered with the major utility companies throughout Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania to improve commercial HVAC energy efficiency through incentive-based programs. Our technicians will perform a full cleaning and efficiency tune-up on your PTAC, chiller, and rooftop HVAC assets. Ductwork will be inspected and sealed. In addition, we will also provide a complete audit on every unit we touch; a detailed report will be distributed to you upon completion of the job.


Star Energy is unique in that we are exclusively an incentive-based company. These energy companies have allocated in excess of a billion dollars to support these energy efficiency programs. We do not repair or seek to add any costs to this service; we simply clean, tune-up the unit and report to you on the condition. This service can result in upwards of a 30%  reduction in your energy bill and in turn reducing stress on our electrical grid.


To date, Star Energy has improved efficiency for countless clients in Maryland and Virginia. We are fully endorsed by one of the largest privately held commercial real estate firms in the country, St. John Properties, as well as Merritt, JLL Properties, Regency Centers and others. We provided them with superior results, and we stand ready to ensure you receive the same.

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