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Star Energy has partnered with the major utility companies throughout the Mid-Atlantic to improve commercial HVAC energy efficiency through incentive-based programs at zero cost to our clients. Our technicians perform a full cleaning and efficiency tune-up on your PTAC, chiller, and rooftop HVAC assets and install smart thermostats with occupancy sensing technology. We handle all administrative work and invoice the utility directly.  Our customers never receive a bill of any kind. This service can result in upwards of a 30%  reduction in your energy bill and extends the life of your HVAC assets.  We provide a complete audit on every unit we touch; a detailed report will be distributed to you upon completion of the job.


PTAC Cleaning

The dirtier your HVAC system is, the harder it works, the more energy it uses, and the lower the life expectancy of the unit will be. 


Occupancy Sensing Thermostats

Hoteliers can better control energy costs per room without inconveniencing guests or asking them to cut back on their energy usage using occupancy sensing thermostats. This guest-detecting technology determines human presence. With that information, hotels can save on operational costs when areas are empty by automatically adjusting temperatures. The technology also enables hotels to enhance and personalize the guest experience by remembering guest preferences and automatically setting rooms to meet those specifications.


Satisfied Hospitality Clients

Star Energy has performed this service for hundreds of hotels throughout the Mid-Atlantic.  We are fully insured and are approved contractors for all MD, PA and VA utility companies.  We don’t use subcontractors and we have 60+ years of combined experience on our management team.

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PTAC Cleaning Process


Quality Assurance Check

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