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The Empower MD Program provides financial incentives that cover all costs associated with energy-saving measures implemented through Star Energy's Full Building Tune-Up. These tune-ups identify, evaluate, quantify, implement and verify operational Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs). These measures result in immediate savings for our clients.

The following items are included with each Tune-Up Project:


• ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit

• Measurement & Verification to Confirm Real Energy Savings

• Inventory of all Major Mechanical Equipment

• In-Depth Analysis to Determine Energy Savings and Return on Investment

• Turn-key Implementation of Energy Conservation Measures

• All Correspondence, Coordinator and Paperwork Processing with the utility company

The following ECMs are implemented at each property depending on property system types:

• Enhanced HVAC Tune-Ups (RTUs & AHUs) - learn more

• Optimal HVAC Scheduling

• Optimizing Duct Static Pressure

• Discharge Air Temperature Reset Strategies

• VAV Box Unoccupied Temperature Set-Backs

• Duct Sealing - learn more

Full Building Tune-Ups

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